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Bitcoin cold storage. What it is and how to get it.

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What is bitcoin cold storage?

Bitcoin cold storage is a safe way to store the private keys used for sending and receiving bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cold storage is a way of storing those private keys offline, preventing any access to the device that holds the keys unless the user is physically holding it. The private key is like, well, a key to the users wallet and gaining access to it allows the user to gain access to all funds, present and future, of a bitcoin wallet. By holding these keys offline, it prevents the ability of a hacker to ever be able to steal the private keys from the internet, as bitcoin cold storage devices are not connected.

Where can I find a bitcoin cold storage device?

Bitcoin cold storage comes in many different forms. You can even store your bitcoin offline for free by using a paper wallet. You can find many trustworthy websites that will help you make a paper wallet for free but remember that if you used an online service to make the private keys then someone else may be able to find them. Just remember if you lose the device or the paper, your bitcoins are gone forever. You can find the bitcoin cold storage devices on Amazon by clicking here.