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Introducing LogCoin

What will you use this coin for?


Its mostly a learning project / experience gainer with no real value attached so you are free to not have to worry about losing money when playing around with a scrypt based PoS poW coin.

I plan to implement subscriber / follower rewards in/for twitch. I don’t have anything specific planned yet, but check back or tune into the stream for updates!




If you submit an idea that you would like to see as a reward for your LogCoin into the comments of this post and include your LogCoin wallet address in the comment, I will send you 500 LogCoin!


Algorithm Scrypt
Type PoW/PoS
Coin name LogCoin
Coin abbreviation LOG
Address letter L
RPC port 43942
P2P port 43941
Block reward 100 coins
Coin supply 56000001 coins


PoS percentage 16% per year
Last PoW block block 100000
Min. stake age hours
Max. stake age Unlimited
Coinbase maturity 16 blocks
Target spacing 60 seconds
Target timespan block
Transaction confirmations blocks

Download the windows wallet here logcoin-qt-windows

Download the Source code here logcoin-source.tar

Download an Nvidia GPU miner here (coming soon) ccminer-x64-2.2.2-cuda9