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The NoteBlockChain Charity page

Spread around some NOTE. To get your address listed please use the submit form below. I will try to update the page with the new submissions as actively as I can. Please don’t spam me, please.

To donate to keep the server up: NcLPPGNNL2wNADJiJw6aPxCE8A28hyEC4R



Ghex: NMNFTTnkyy4KShPiCDpUdaqdofDa5S7S2J

Hetty v.d. Z: NSgu4hLr1qBaczZw9jbiF8qP4UfPzwXJcU



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The Basic Attention Token and the Brave Browser

The Brave Browser and the death of Ads

I am not someone who embraces change. I have been using Google’s Chrome browser since it became popular. It saves my passwords locally, it supports all kinds of plugins and it works good enough. Until recently, I was fine with chrome and fine with ads, I never really noticed them anyway and rarely do I pay them any mind. I heard of the Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser through coinbase. They’re doing a program where you can earn a few BAT tokens by watching some videos and taking a short quiz. The informational videos are available for all to see, whether or not you get invited to take the quiz in exchange for the BAT tokens, and after watching the videos, I have completely switched all my browsers to brave.


The brave browser blocks all ads by default and you can enable or disable this feature. It also stops tracking and it gives you a nice little summary of how many ads have been blocked and trackers stopped whenever you open a new tab and its easy to import your saved chrome passwords and bookmarks into brave. The brave browser is supposed to be more than just an ad blocker and this is where the BAT tokens come into play. BAT stands for Basic Attention Token and the premise is simple, pay people for their attention to ads that they agree to see instead of bombarding them with ads they will likely ignore anyway.


So how will creators be able to monetize their content? Each user who gets the brave browser right now will receive about 40 BAT to contribute to their favorite creators. The browser automatically sends these tips to the publishers based on how much time you spend browsing their content. This feature can also be disabled and you can manually send the creator a tip of your choosing in BAT. The Brave team also state that when the completely optional BAT ads are added into the Brave browser, the viewer and content publisher will receive a portion of the advertisers funds in the way of smart contracts.


By downloading and trying the brave browser at this link, you can help support and get your 40 BAT tokens to send to your favorite publishers. is a verified Brave publisher. Get the brave browser and your 40 free BAT tokens here.

What do you guys think of the Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bitcoin faucet

The faucet is dry. I have set-up a mining pool at and invite all of you to join me there. Thanks to those who participated. Final payout will take place shortly.



Want to host your own bitcoin faucet?

Miners not working like they used to? Replace that worn out Thermal paste for only $4.99 Paypal, Bitcoin and bitcoin cash accepted. 5% off and free shipping when you use code “hashrate” Sales support the faucet. is now a verified Brave Publisher. Download the brave browser to block ads, get 40 free BAT, and tip in BAT here

Gain seniority bonuses for being a loyal faucet user!

For example use the faucet at least once every 20 days – gain +10% to all of your payouts!

Your ref link looks like this: [FAUCET_URL]?r=[Bitcoin_address]. Make sure to place your faucet’s url and the referring Bitcoin address in the right place. The ref link will also show up after every claim. Earns 5%