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The NoteBlockChain Charity page

Spread around some NOTE. To get your address listed please use the submit form below. I will try to update the page with the new submissions as actively as I can. Please don’t spam me, please.

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Should I replace my thermal paste?

good thermal paste

How often should you replace your thermal paste

Lets start out with what thermal paste or thermal grease is first. Thermal Paste is used to create a very heat conductive seal to somewhere heat is generated to somewhere heat is dissipated. Your CPU has a heat sink on it and this heat sink is removing the heat from the CPU. The thermal paste helps to move the heat into the heat sink efficiently and effectively. Thermal paste is used on graphics cards, CPUs, ASIC miners and just about anywhere a computing chip is used.


So how often should you replace it? It depends. For a CPU you should really replace it every 1-2 years. Thermal paste dries up and the heat isn’t transferred as effectively than with new thermal paste. For GPUs you may be able to make it to 2-3 years before you should look into replacing the thermal paste. For ASIC miners, you may want to change your thermal paste yearly.


How difficult is it?

Replacing thermal paste on a CPU is very straight forward. You remove the heat sink, clean off the thermal paste then re-assemble. The same goes for GPUs. For ASIC miners it may be a little more complicated but many youtube videos, such as this one can be found to guide you along.


How much do I need?

Not much. A small dab is plenty for CPUs, GPUs and ASIC miners. 29g is plenty to change the paste on your GPU, CPU and ASIC miners and if you cant remember the last time, if ever, you replaced your thermal paste $4.99 for enough to replace your thermal paste on your CPU GPU and ASICs isn’t bad for peace of mind that your equipment is working as efficiently as possible. This can translate into better hashrates!. Speaking of hashrate, use code hashrate for 5% of this syringe of 29g of thermal paste.

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The Basic Attention Token and the Brave Browser

The Brave Browser and the death of Ads

I am not someone who embraces change. I have been using Google’s Chrome browser since it became popular. It saves my passwords locally, it supports all kinds of plugins and it works good enough. Until recently, I was fine with chrome and fine with ads, I never really noticed them anyway and rarely do I pay them any mind. I heard of the Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser through coinbase. They’re doing a program where you can earn a few BAT tokens by watching some videos and taking a short quiz. The informational videos are available for all to see, whether or not you get invited to take the quiz in exchange for the BAT tokens, and after watching the videos, I have completely switched all my browsers to brave.


The brave browser blocks all ads by default and you can enable or disable this feature. It also stops tracking and it gives you a nice little summary of how many ads have been blocked and trackers stopped whenever you open a new tab and its easy to import your saved chrome passwords and bookmarks into brave. The brave browser is supposed to be more than just an ad blocker and this is where the BAT tokens come into play. BAT stands for Basic Attention Token and the premise is simple, pay people for their attention to ads that they agree to see instead of bombarding them with ads they will likely ignore anyway.


So how will creators be able to monetize their content? Each user who gets the brave browser right now will receive about 40 BAT to contribute to their favorite creators. The browser automatically sends these tips to the publishers based on how much time you spend browsing their content. This feature can also be disabled and you can manually send the creator a tip of your choosing in BAT. The Brave team also state that when the completely optional BAT ads are added into the Brave browser, the viewer and content publisher will receive a portion of the advertisers funds in the way of smart contracts.


By downloading and trying the brave browser at this link, you can help support and get your 40 BAT tokens to send to your favorite publishers. is a verified Brave publisher. Get the brave browser and your 40 free BAT tokens here.

What do you guys think of the Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser? Let me know in the comments below.

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What happened to Cryptopia

Lets all press F for Cryptopia

Well, in short: they got hacked. And boy did they get it bad. With rumors swirling of an exit scam, no one is quite sure what to expect. All we do know is that a “significant” amount was stolen and the exchange has been shut into maintenance mode for the time being. Sources have come out saying that even after Cryptopia handed over the exchange to the New Zealand police, the hackers have continued to take assets from Cryptopia. Popular exchange Binance has claimed that it has frozen some of the assets the hackers stole, as they reportedly transferred it and attempting to sell it on Binance.


With little information being released officially, its safe to say speculation on the Cryptopia hack will continue until the CEO lets us know whats going on.

What do you think? Do you still have assets locked on the Cryptopia exchange?

Until then, I guess we are stuck with other exchanges. Take a look here at my top four.

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Bitcoin cold storage. What it is and how to get it.

Trezor one

What is bitcoin cold storage?

Bitcoin cold storage is a safe way to store the private keys used for sending and receiving bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cold storage is a way of storing those private keys offline, preventing any access to the device that holds the keys unless the user is physically holding it. The private key is like, well, a key to the users wallet and gaining access to it allows the user to gain access to all funds, present and future, of a bitcoin wallet. By holding these keys offline, it prevents the ability of a hacker to ever be able to steal the private keys from the internet, as bitcoin cold storage devices are not connected.

Where can I find a bitcoin cold storage device?

Bitcoin cold storage comes in many different forms. You can even store your bitcoin offline for free by using a paper wallet. You can find many trustworthy websites that will help you make a paper wallet for free but remember that if you used an online service to make the private keys then someone else may be able to find them. Just remember if you lose the device or the paper, your bitcoins are gone forever. You can find the bitcoin cold storage devices on Amazon by clicking here.

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Alexis ccminer for nvidia cards and how to mine Galactrum

ccminer is a miner that is primarily for Nvidia GPUs. The Alexis version of ccminer is getting harder and harder to find windows .exe files for. The alexis fork works well for mining Galactrum and if you have an Nivida graphics card you may see improved hashrates over other versions of ccminer. For Galactrum I saw increased performance on my GTX 1060 6gb and my GTX 1080Ti. You can download and give the alexis ccminer fork from here ccminer-alexis-1.0-windows download. Let me know if you saw increased performance from your Nvidia GPU below in the comments.

Need a new exchange since the cryptopia hack? Check out my top 4 picks here

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Compiling CPUminer for beaglebone black in 2019

First off, you’re not going to get rich from mining on your old unused BeagleBone black and you’ll arguably only lose money, but for about 10W of power, you might be able to mine some low difficulty altcoins that are cpu or gpu only. I am currently mining Galactrum on mine using CPUminer-multi.

Beaglebone black mining

Thanks to its wide array of miners, you can use cpuminer-multi to mine a lot of altcoins, so lets get into compiling it.

First, the deps

$ sudo apt-get install automake autoconf pkg-config libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev libssl-dev libgmp-dev make g++ git


Now lets make a folder for it


mkdir cpuminer

cd cpuminer


Now we need the source code


git clone

cd cpuminer-multi


Now lets get to the compiling


./ &&


Yep, really that easy.


The usage for cpuminer-multi is below. Have fun mining! and Since cryptopia has been hacked, If you need a new exchange to trade on, check out my four favorite exchanges here

./cpuminer -u user -p pass -a algorithm -o stratum+tcp://pool:1234 -t cputhreads

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Mining on the Raspberry Pi in 2019

Its 2019 and your Raspberry Pi is sitting in the corner. You haven’t used it much since your last project and you are ready to do more with it. Why not mine a CPU only or low difficulty coin? Sure you won’t get rich, but you’ll have some crypto to trade around and learn about compiling miners and how to use exchanges and how to use mining pools. The Pi also uses a very small amount of power.


Allow me to introduce to MagiCoin at


Magi coin uses a POW/POS system but with a bit of a twist. As they put it “MAGI concentrates on global energy savings when maintaining its blockchain system. MAGI aims at worldwide mining based on, for example, mobile devices. MAGI’s PoW with difficulty dependent mining rewards applies a limit to the total network hashrate, where huge amount of computational power for mining is no longer necessary”

This makes it the perfect target for mining with that old Raspberry Pi you just have lying around.

Click here to watch the YouTube tutorial

To get started install Ubuntu or Debian or Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and connect to it via ssh.

To begin make sure you have the latest software

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade


Next we need some deps to complete the compile of the Magicoin Miner

sudo apt-get install automake autoconf pkg-config libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev libssl-dev libgmp-dev make g++ git libgmp-dev screen


Lets make a directory so we know where the miner is to be located

mkdir magiminer

cd magiminer


Then clone the Github Repo


git clone


Now we just need to compile the miner to get to hashing.


cd m-cpuminer-v2


./ && ./configure CFLAGS="-O3" CXXFLAGS="-O3" && make


Now that you’re mining away, check out this cooling fan  kit we sell to help keep those temps down. Get 5% off with code “hashrate”

Raspberry pi cooling fan for mining
Raspberry pi cooling fan for mining



This might take a while but when it is done you’ll be ready to earn some Magicoin.

The next step is to find a pool, personally I use They have a limit of 250K/hs so its great for slow miners

The next step is to start a screen session so that even after we disconnect from SSH the Pi continues mining.




Now its time to hash away! To start mining




To detach from the screen session after verifying its mining, hit ctr+a d

To reconnect, use screen -r


Magi is also POS so if you set up the official wallet you can begin staking coins, if you mine enough, or buy a few extra. If you just want to sell or buy Magicoin you can do that here. 

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Alternatives to cryptopia

What happened to cryptopia? Well, with more and more news coming out about the cryptopia hack, it seems they won’t be back anytime soon. As a long time user of cryptopia, I, and many others are forced to find a new exchange to trust with our capital. Keeping in mind trading fees and altcoin listings, this process isn’t easy. Below I will list four of my top picks for alternatives to cryptopia.

1. STEX Trading fee – 0.05%, BTC withdrawal fee – 0.0005 BTC, referral program – 25% forever

Stex is currently my top pick. With a low trading fee, tons of relevant altcoin listings and a super low withdrawal fee, the numbers all make sense (and cents). STEX even allows you to invite your friends and earn 25% of their trading fees for life! Get back to trading your altcoins on STEX now by clicking here, Account creation is painless and quick.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase’s main appeal is the ability to easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, 0x and zcash straight from your bank account. I use coinbase frequently to purchase bitcoin to use on other exchanges and now when you use this link, you’ll get $10 of bitcoin free when you buy $100. Get Started with Coinbase


CEX is super simple to use and it is very secure. With just a few steps, you can easily select from a handful of altcoins to trade for. CEX, like coinbase also lets you buy Bitcoin with a bank account or visa card making it useful for buying funds to transfer to other exchanges that have more altcoin listings, like STEX. also has a great referral program so you can earn some bonuses for telling your friends about it too. Get started on


4. Yobit

Yobit has a ton of altcoins to trade and they list new ones quite often. They offer a 20% referral bonus to any friends you refer to their platform. With yobit, you have to be careful, just because a coin is listed does not mean it is trustworthy. Trade what you know and as always practice best exchanges polices, like not keeping your funds on the exchange for any longer than necessary for trading. Get started with YOBIT now.

Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments below.