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Budget Chia plotting dedicated computer

All links provided are amazon affiliate links

After some time I’ve decided to move on from using my main/gaming computer to plot Chia and look into getting a dedicated rig. I wanted to spend under $1000 and get a rig that could do 7-8 plots in parallel (also wanted to make sure I could get actually get the parts this week with chia’s popularity booming) I’ll also include Amazon links to everything if you are in the same boat and just want to get the parts faster. Cheaper options may be found if you’re willing to wait a bit longer.


After some research I selected the I7-10700K as the main cpu to build around. The I7-10700 can be used as well, I simply could not find it in stock anywhere for less than the K so why not get the overclockable version?

This CPU doesn’t have a cooler so we will have to get our own. I recommend the tried and tested hyper 212-EVO

For the RAM I went with 32GB 2666 DDR4. The best deal I could find at the time of writing were these two sticks of 16gb

I grabbed a cheapo 500W PSU since we wont be running a GPU since the 10700k has onboard graphics. You may be better off spending more and getting a more efficient PSU since we intended to have this computer on 24/7

Since we need really only need an NVME slot, a few sata slots and USB 3.1, we can probably go pretty cheap with the Motherboard. Here’s the sub-$100 one I grabbed.

For the Case, I grabbed the cheapest one with a review stating the Hyper 212 Evo could fit. Here’s the one I grabbed. I don’t trust the Front/in built USB ports on this, so likely Ill only use the usb ports on the motherboard itself.

Zalman Case T6 Black

Now with storage, we need two (or more) drives here. One for the OS and one for the plotting For the OS I grabbed cheap 240GB SSD.

NVMEs are a bit harder. I went with this Samsung but any NVME with over 1000TbW should be okay.

For hard drives, any old drive should be okay. USB drives included.

As of now I should have the computer put together on Saturday. I am going to be using Ubuntu for the OS and even though I am familiar with Linux and CLI I will likely continue to write guides using the GUI as much as possible since that’s what most people will be comfortable with.