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How to Mine Ethereum with An AMD or Nvidia Graphics card

Ethereum has sky rocketed recently and with the Epoch reaching over 4Gb those with a Graphics card with more than 4 GB of memory have found that Etherum mining has become ultra profitable. My 1080Ti is earning over $4 a day right now. You can check your cards profitability rating on Below I have written a short and simple guide to get your slice of the eth pie


To begin, we need to find some working, reputable mining software, After the latest Epoch, Claymore miner is no longer working for me so I have switched over to lolminer and I’m seeing similar mining results and slightly higher numbers than those predicted by whattomine.


You can download lolminer here 


Setting up lolminer is pretty easy compared to other miners, but first we need to get an Ethereum address. I personally use, and recommend Exodus.


Once you have your wallet and your miner software downloaded, we need to pick a pool. Personally I use and recommend ethermine as they payout once a week as long as you have a balance of more than 0.01. The minimum payout for regularly timed payouts is 0.05.


Okay we have the mining software, wallet address, and our pool picked out. Now all we need to do is edit our bat file for lolminer and we are good to go! Once you have lolminer extracted you should see something similar to this.

Since we are using eth, edit the mine_eth.bat file and add in your wallet and pool. Here is an example of my finished .bat file


Now all you need to do is double click mine_eth.bat and you are mining! See, wasn’t that easy?