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How to earn Note by mining other currencies on zpool

So you want to mine Note, but you don’t have one of those expensive, noisy ASIC miners and without one of those your only other option is mining contracts, right?

Not quite. Another option is a multi-pool. The way they work is simple, you pick the best coin to mine for your hardware (something asic resistant most likely) and trade those coins for Note on the mining platform itself. You do not even have to sign for an exchange, the pool takes care of everything!


I am going to go over how to pick the best coins to mine for your hardware at any given time, CPU and GPU, and how to set up any miner and how to start earning Note!

I also have a few YouTube videos on similar topics, check them out here

Fist things first, we need a wallet to store out precious Note in. The best place to mine to is a desktop wallet so lets go get one here!

Okay, so there are a lot of options, which one do you need to download for your computer to store your Note?

If you have a 64 bit Windows computer (you probably do have 64 bit if you have windows) you need win64-notecoin-qt.exe. This is the wallet you’re familiar with. the cli is the command line only version and notecoind is a daemon, but you don’t need to worry about any other files here!

For mac, you need Notebc-Core.dmg

For linux, linux-notecoin-qt or you can build from source if you’re an advanced user.


Okay, now we need to open up the wallet and get our mining address so we can receive our funds.

Once the wallet syncs up, you should see this at the top

Select the receive tab.

Once there, we are going to select “request payment” and we should be presented with a Note address we can use to get our Note from the multi-pool

Copy this wallet address into a notepad for easy access, or you can always come back to the wallet and double click the entry to retrieve the same wallet address. You can close the wallet or leave it open to help support the network. The wallet does not need to be open to receive your Note, but you will have to wait for it to sync up the next time you open it before you can send any funds out.


Okay, now we have our wallet and a safe place to keep our note, next we need to actually pick what to mine.


For CPU mining this process is going to be much simpler, as of now I recommend simply mining yenten since any cpu should be able to see returns in Note, but we will come back to that after we have picked our desired algo for our GPU, as it is going to be a bit more difficult. If this is your first time mining, I recommend skipping the graphics card section and starting the CPU section first. Once you have the CPU miner ready and working, come back to the GPU section.


This process is going to be slightly different for everyone, but in general it is very similar. First we need to find what algo is best for our GPU to mine, one that is also on our multi-pool of choice, in this case we are going to use zpool.

We can check the list of available algos on zpool here

Now that we know what algos we can mine, we need to see what algos we should mine. My favorite way of accomplishing that is whattomine

Here we can select from popular algos and graphics card. As an example I have the 1080Ti selected here, as you can see it is in green. The blue algos are ones we have selected to display.

By scrolling down we are presented with what coins are most profitable and the algo they use.

We can use this data to estimate the best coins or algos to mine on the multipool.

in this example my best option was x25x

Okay, we have our algo, we have our wallet. Now all we need is the actual mining software. This is where the process is going to change for AMD/Nvidia users. We need to find the mining software best for your card. For my card and most Nvidia cards, I use t-rex. The best way to do this is by googling it. I know, a guide telling you to google it right? The problem is mining software changes rapidly and while a certain one may work for a certain card or manufacture really well right now, a better version could exist tomorrow. Make sure you’re only downloading from reputable sites and have plenty of good reviews or posts on your software. For Nvidia 10-20-30 series I am using t-rex miner which can be found here 

Since I have a cuda 10 capable card, and Nvidia is the most popular card manufacture I will be using t-rex in this guide.

Once you have the miner installed unzip the files.

Next, right click any of the .bat files and remove all of the text after the -a . We are going to go back to zpool and get our mining string using the stratum generator

you can see here I have input all of the correct settings and been given the stratum to use. We are going to copy this, put in our Note address, add the algo after the -a, and insert it into our empty file so it should look like this:

” t-rex.exe -a x25x -o stratum+tcp:// -u Nba9h5xnq4Kq1fY3e8C9GTzzGJpRhKD2RN -p c=NTBC
pause ”

Next we are going to click file, and save as note.bat

Now all we have to do is double click the .bat and we should be mining!

If nothing happens, your anti-virus may of removed or quarantined the miner. Be sure to allow an exception for it.




Okay, back to the CPU

For this guide I am going to only show how to mine yenten or the YespowerR16 algo for simplicity sake, but you can take the process we did with GPU and do the same with your CPU and find the best coin. You’ll notice the options for CPU are quite limited and likely your CPU will not be listed on what to mine.

Okay, lets get our mining software from here we are going to want to get the latest version of the .zip. As of this writing, this is version 3. After downloading the miner, extract the files.


Next we want to edit one of the .bat files. in this example I edited the yenten file.

If you are going to use a different algo for CPU use the stratum generator like we did above for the GPU. If not, use the following, replacing my wallet address with yours.

” cpuminer.exe -a yespowerr16 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Nba9h5xnq4Kq1fY3e8C9GTzzGJpRhKD2RN -p c=NTBC ”

Save the file and double click to start mining. If nothing happens, be sure your anti-virus did not remove or block the file. You may have to add an exception to run the miner.


To check how much you have earned head back to zpool and paste your Note address into the wallet section.

Happy profit mining!