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Galactrum and why you should care

Galactrum is a currency employing the ASIC resistant Lyra2REv2 algorithm.

I first discovered Galactrum during the bitcoin craze last winter. I had accrued some funds in bitcoin and after reading all the speculation on the “bubble” bursting I decided to buy a GTX 1080 TI and a GTX 1060 6GB to mine with. I had helped a few friends set up nicehash accounts and after the hack happened I decided to mine altcoins instead of using nicehash. I first came across Galactrum on a Mining calculator comparison site. Since it uses an ASIC resistant algorithm, I was able to mine quite a few and eventually I had half of the requirement for a masternode. More on that later

Bitcoin was crashing, and along with many others, I decided to move my bitcoin into altcoins. I purchased the remainder of the required Galactrum to start a masternode after joining their Discord and talking to a few in the community and researching the site they have. The big thing that makes Galactrum different from its biggest competitors like Dash and Monero is the aim to be completely autonomous and decentralized with a focus on community engagement. They do this by setting aside a piece of every block for a proposal system that is voted on by masternode operators. This allows the currency to be self-funded, democratic and engaging for owners of masternodes ensuring innovations in the future funded entirely by the community. Ore, the ticker for Galactrum, also contains cloaking technology similar to Dash and Monero making it completely anonymous if so desired by the user. Thanks to the masternodes and PoW miners, transactions are fast, safe and secure with blocks being mined every two minutes.

Galactrum lets the average user take a vote with these masternodes which by no means are difficult to set up. 1000 coins are required to make a master node and at low rates of 0.04 $ each, its not a bad time to buy in. Galactrum has been added to stex since it was previously on cryptopia before the hack. Trade it on stex by making an account here

You can learn more about Galactrum including the links to the discord and how to set up a masternode on their website, . I also offer masternode set ups for $5 on fiverr here

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