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Should I replace my stock CPU cooler

Is replacing your stock cooler with the popular Hyper 212 EVO worth it?

When I built my computer I had narrowed down my CPU choice between two processors, an AMD FX series or the i7-4790k. I ended up going with the i7-4790k as it was a better performer and AMD processors are notorious for running hot and I didn’t want to deal with trying to keep high temps under wraps. When I installed my new i7-4790k I used both the stock cooler and the stock thermal paste. 


My computer booted up, and after I updated my drivers, began bench-marking. I was expecting medium-high temps as I am aware of Intel’s stock cooler performance issues and the heat hyper-threading can give off, however I saw temps as high as 80-90°C. After some research, I headed over to Amazon and purchased two things, the Hyper 212 EVO and some Arctic Silver thermal paste.


When my shipment arrived I removed the stock fan to find that there was very little thermal paste on the CPU or cooler due to the stock paste drying up. My extremely high temps were likely a symptom of inadequate cooler to CPU contact and an inefficient cooler.


After cleaning the old paste off the CPU chip, I put a pea sized dot of the Arctic Silver thermal paste onto the CPU and installed the Hyper 212 EVO. Installing the new cooler was a bit more difficult than the stock cooler, but it’s still easy enough that the average user can install it. After securing the cooler and the backplate, I rebooted the PC, this time enabling the OC genie that came with my motherboard. I re-ran 3Dmark and saw about a 5-10% increase overall in performance and the Max temp was 60-70°C, a temp that is well in range for an overclocked i7-4790k. The Arctic Silver thermal paste and the Hyper 212 Evo had lowered my max temps by about 20°C and my ambient temps by about 5-15°C. That’s quite a gain for such a low cost air cooler.


The Hyper 212 EVO paired with the Arctic Silver thermal paste solved my overheating issues with my i7-4790k and I fully recommend the popular air cooler, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking their picture below. I personally prefer air coolers over water coolers because air can provide sufficient cooling without the worry of a defect dripping water all over your newly built PC.